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Bentley Utilities Designer is a comprehensive design and GIS-based management software application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility network owner-operators. The software combines GIS-agnostic engineering-grade design, on-the-fly cost estimation, design management, and a utility-specific GIS into a single product.


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Bentley Utilities Designer provides intelligent CAD-based design tools that accelerate layout and integrate with a variety of enterprise GIS systems, including the built-in Bentley Map-based design editor.

Automatic compatible unit assignment enables dynamic, real-time cost estimates that provide immediate feedback on each design decision, allowing designs to be quickly refined.

A fully configurable workflow engine enables work requests and designs to be managed in stand-alone mode or through seamless integration with a variety of enterprise WMSs for accelerated projects.

Bentley Utilities Designer comprehensive capabilities enable utility owner-operators to reduce costs by consolidating design and GIS-based management into a single license and application.


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