WaterCAD  is an Easy-to-use, Reliable,  Resource- saving, Decision-sup- port,  Hydraulic & Water quality modeling Application  for;

  • Fireflow analysis
  • Streamlined Model Building
  • Interoperability
  • Water quality modelling
  • Flushing simulations
  • Critical analysis and operations modelling
  • Comprehensive scenario management

Sneak peak on advanteges that it brings to user

  • Establish the ability of their network to provide protection against fires.
  • Add the ability to run WaterCAD models from within AutoCAD to build and lay out models with engineering precision.
  • WaterCAD simultaneously models multiple fire flow events, evaluating flows and pressures across the entire system.
  • Help engineers allocate water demands & node elevations based on geospatial data found in shapefiles,
  • Avoid potential manual-input mistakes & speed up the model building process.
  • Perform constituent,  Water age, Tank mixing, and Source trace analysis to DEVELOP comprehensive Chlorination schedules, Simulate emergency contam- ination events, Visualize zones of influence for different water sources, and Improve Turbidity, Taste, and e.t.c


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