Basic Engineering Draughting

This is the foundation course for all our draughting courses. The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of draughting, draughting tools and the application of draughting in engineering, architecture and related technical disciplines.

Target Group:

 a) Secondary school leavers who will be pursuing a degree in engineering, architecture or related technical fields.
 b) Participants who wish to take additional courses at the centre in order to develop or improve a career in engineering drawing.

Entry Requirements

Minimum C- grade aggregate with at least a C+ in Mathematics or Physics

Course Content

    Drawing Office Orientation
    Concepts of Engineering Drawing (Symbols and Lettering, Instruments)
    Geometric Terms and Construction
    Projections and Auxiliary views
    Introduction to Building Drawing
    Computer Aided Design-AutoCAD Level 1
    Life Management Skills.
Course Duration

3 months part-time


You will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance in Basic Engineering Draughting

Certificate in Structural Engineering Draughting

This course is designed to meet the ever growing need for highly skilled and productive draughting technicians as needed in the modern civil engineering office. The course aspires to bridge the gap between academic training and the practical requirements of the employer market, ensuring that its graduates have the skills and capability required by the industry and opening new and exciting employment opportunities for its graduates.

Target Group

This course is designed for those aspiring to develop a career in structural engineering draughting, and will need to have undertaken a basic draughting course to qualify for this course.

Entry Qualifications

        Graduate in our Basic Engineering Draughting course or
        Have a Certificate/Diploma in building and construction fields.

Course Duration

9 months part-time

Course content

This course consists of the following subjects

        Introduction to Structural Analysis
        Introduction Materials and Concrete Technology
        Introduction Structural Design
        Computerized Structural Analysis and Design (AutoCAD Structural Suite/Prokon)
        Computer Aided Design


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