Prokon Software


Parametric Drawing and Detailing System

Concrete detailing, general purpose CAD and model generation for PROKON analysis modules.

Al the basic CAD procedures are available to create or edit drawings. Elements like lines, arcs, circles, splines, text, hatch, dimensions, blocks, and construction lines are all supported with a host of editing functions. Using an innovative approach to layers and scales, laying out details on a drawing sheet is very intuitive.

The program has a large number of reinforcement detailing functions. You can work with reinforcement bending schedules created with the concrete design modules, or create drawings and schedules from scratch. It support reinforcement shape codes defined in the following codes of practice:

  • BS 4466 – 1989
  • BS 8666 – 2005
  • SANS 282 – 2004

Padds' powerful macro and scripting functionality (based on the Pascal programming language), allows you to develop your own extensions. Included macro functions include a complete staircase detailing function, and a function to combine multiple bending schedules (A4 of letter size) onto a larger sheet.

Prodesk Suite

Structural Anlaysis and Design Software

Use LumenRT to enliven models with life and nature, and produce attention-grabbing real-time visualizations. No matter your technical experience, you can easily use LumenRT to render cinematic quality in real time, animate models, incorporate digital nature, integrate seamlessly within CAD and GIS workflows, and share your creations with other stakeholders and clients.

For as long as structural design and drafting software has existed, there has been a need to transfer information between various systems. More recently, the need for collaboration and information sharing amongst design professionals has advanced to a higher level – Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Prokon’s Prodesk Suite makes BIM possible – it seamlessly transfers information between Autodesk Revit® (world-leading modelling software) and PROKON Structural Analysis and Design.

Probar 2D

Extension for AutoCAD®

Probar 2D (formerly AutoPadds) is an extension for AutoCAD® that turns it into a full-featured reinforced concrete detailing system. Probar 2D offers almost identical functionality to Padds but in the AutoCAD®environment.

Padds is a CAD and detailing module that forms part of PROKON Structural Analysis and Design.

Pronet Water Network

Extension for AutoCAD® Civil 3D

Pronet is an extension for AutoCAD® Civil 3D that allows the user to add analytical data to pressure network objects (pressure pipes, pressure fittings, and pressure appurtenances) and perform an analysis using a modified 64-bit EPANET engine. The anlysis is fast and performed directly within the AutoCAD® Civil 3D environment.