WaterCAD & WaterGEMS Training

Software Training - Bentley
30-40 hours
Bentley Certificate
18 CPD points

WaterCAD & WaterGEMS Training

Water CAD & Water GEMS is a hydraulic modeling application for water distribution systems with advanced interoperability, geospatial model building, optimization and asset management tools.

30-40 hours/equivalent to full time training 8am-4pm.

Hands on, practical, instructor-led training.

  • Water Engineers

Participants will get a Bentley Institute Completion Certificate.

18 CPD points for registered Engineers

# Topic
1 Modeling Fundamentals
2 Building a Network with Fire Flows
3 Model data
4 Importing basic model data
5 Tanks, pumps & Valves
6 Modeling pumps, Tanks and PRVs
7 Model calibration
8 Steady state calibration of field measurement
9 Model application and system planning
10 System design improvement
11 System Design Improvement
12 Fire Protection and Fire
13 Automated Fire Flow Analysis
14 Criticality Analysis & Pressure Zone Manage
15 Analysis of Valving & Critical Segments
16 EPS Modeling and Energy Costing Analysis
17 Real-time modelling
18 Geospatial Data
19 ModelBuilder, Trex & LoadBuilder
20 Pipe Renewal Planner
21 Automating Skeletonization
22 Modeling Water Distribution System Flushing
23 Automating Calibration using Darwin Calibrator
24 Leakage Detection (Optional)
25 Piping Optimization
26 Automating Design using Darwin Designer
27 Multisource Mixing, Chlorine Residual, and Age Analysis
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