Asset Mapping and Management Solutions

3 years ago

Asset Mapping and Management Solutions

To gain better insights into asset performance and make the best business decisions, organizations need to leverage connected data environments (CDE). A CDE is the common source of information used to collect, manage, and share information about the asset. It facilitates collaboration between project team members and owner-operators, and helps them avoid duplication and mistakes by incorporating multiple sources of data into a federated model.

Citech equips our clients to collect, analyze, and extract relevant asset information, delivering actionable insights that supports your business processes and drives the performance of your infrastructure assets.

Our solutions improve your safety, security and compliance programs, help you to plan infrastructure performance and reliability strategies intelligently, and provide informed decision support from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance. We map your spatial asset information using digital imagery captured from any source, including UAVs, satellites, aircraft, or digital cameras.