Building Information Modelling Consultancy

3 years ago

Building Information Modelling Consultancy

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the growing needs of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry because it provides a wide variety of techniques to deliver successful project execution. Owners and operators invest in BIM to reduce their total costs, deliver projects on time, and increase the quality and integrity of their projects.

Citech undertakes a 360-degree implementation strategy with our BIM solutions: We consult, design, train you, standardize, and implement a complete solution for different project stages, including schematic design, 3D detail design, construction, and operation & maintenance.

Our solution includes a BIM based approach for on-site progress monitoring for keeping track of the ongoing work on construction sites and conducting photogrammetric surveys for capturing actual site conditions. Citech also provides supervision and technical assistance to support BIM users within project teams. 4D models (3D models with the added dimension of time) are utilized to show the construction sequence and space requirements on a project site.

The success of our projects is built on providing a great service and applying our knowledge of the latest technology and innovations in this space.