3 years ago

Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of physical assets, processes, or systems, as well as the information that allows us to understand and model their performance. Digital Twins equip companies for:

  • Decision making with real-time data-driven, actionable insights
  • Improved communication and collaboration among teams
  • Virtual operations & Inspection
  • Integrated Planning and Maintenance schedules
  • Realistic visualization of actual site conditions for stakeholder engagement.
  • Virtual reality training of new hires to site conditions and safety procedures

Using sensors and continuous surveying, a digital twin can be synchronized from multiple sources to represent its near real-time status, working condition or position.

Through our partnership with Bentley Systems, Citech is equipped with the tools and expertise to design and implement digital twins for infrastructure asset owners and operators in various industries including:

  • Road and Rail
  • Processing and Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Utilities